Corona Premier

Constellation Brands, owner of Corona and other leading Mexican imports, saw a natural opportunity for the Corona brand to expand into the growing low carb light beer category. Corona Premier was born from the desire to deliver the refreshing taste and authentic Mexican escape of the Corona brand with fewer calories, lower carbs, and full alcohol to appeal to beer drinkers looking to make healthier choices.

Trinity’s creative solution strongly leveraged the iconic Corona wordmark and visual equities, including the crown, griffins and the yellow, silver and blue color palette. We shifted the balance of those equities to create a look wholly unique to Premier. With yellow the lead color for Light and blue for Extra, silver became the dominant, distinctive color for Premier. The result is a strong family look for the 3 brands on shelf. The lockup between Corona and Premier gives the Premier subbrand a powerful presence and elevated impression. The finished packaging carves out a space all its own, has a feel that is light and refreshing and signals to consumers this is a premium product worth considering.

Worked on at Trinity Brand Group. Photography by Khoi Ly.

We came up with the name “Premier” to fit with the respected Corona brand
and reflect the premium nature of the product. As a word easy to understand
and say in both Spanish and English, it tested well with both the brand’s key audiences.