Mapping Via de Ripetta

I've decided to display this data in pieces corresponding to the three main streets protruding from the central Piazza del Popolo. The final street I documented was Via del Ripetta. I have decided to explain the information the in same manner in which I encountered in, that being Via del Corso initially, followed by Via del Barbuino and finally Via di Ripetta. Discovering the neighborhood in this order shaped my opinion of it greatly.

Here you will find the spreadsheet documenting the businesses on Via de Ripetta sorted into the following categories: 

  • Residential*
  • Food**
  • Women Shopping
  • Men Shopping
  • Women and Men Shopping
  • Cosmetics (women emphasis)
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (sunglasses, eye glasses, bags, purses)
  • Specialty (stores containing one specific purpose i.e. swimwear)
  • Jewelry (women emphasis)
  • Hotel and Luxury Suites
  • Empty Storefront
  • Church

These categories were decided upon the prevalence of store types in the area.

*Please note that residential simply documents the doorway present in a space between two businesses that allows patrons into their homes and is not an accurate depiction of the number of citizens living in an area. 

**Please note that food is inclusive of restaurants, gelato, cafés, pizzerias, etc. It is not an accurate depiction of the number of restaurants in the entire area, as majority of restaurants resided in side streets not included in the sample area. 

Qualitative Data Observations of Via del Corso: 

this street doesn't seem to fit in this neighborhood as well as the others. It is dirty, unoccupied by tourists, and has the most empty storefronts, save for a few shops that don't cater to the glamorous shopping styles of the neighboring streets. 

This area feels safe, but it not exuding the overly safe atmosphere the other two streets projected. This feeling comes from the lack of people, the darker streets due to the angle of the sun in the sky, and the overall level of cleanliness and openness of the space. 

EDIT (08/09/2015): I currently do not have a photo of this street, but hope to add one shortly.