Updating Mark and Elements Post Critique

After our critique and turn in of the logos, we had a general critique and small group critiques with classmates. 

For changes to the logo, classmates suggested making a stronger connection between the secondary mark and the logo mark by including the curl on the 'C' of Comunidae and change the tiddle on the 'i' to the (new) flower form on the secondary 'C'. 

Second, I adapted the color palette slightly to focus more on the lighter color tints opposed to the darker color tints. 

Third, I added and switched a few font options. Originally I had Quincy and Brandon Grotesque as my font options. With a little more research, I decided to make a few changes. First, I got rid of Brandon Grotesque in favor for a slightly more expanded typeface: Aviano Sans. I also decided to add a third typeface used solely for headlines: Caslon Open Face. 

Next, I created a pattern that I didn't have time to create for the first round of critiques and project turn in. I wanted the pattern to be elegant, modern, fun and open. I have a few different pattern options that I'm working on, but I think the final option will be the primary one. I also felt it important to include the phrase "have a good meal" or "enjoy" in Italian, French, and Spanish in the pattern. There are still a few mistakes in this final pattern that need to be corrected, but after that it will be perfect.

There's still a lot to do. I have a few more rules than need to be put in place for use of color before really starting to execute applications