Finalizing mark, color choices, and typography

Here you will find the complete document with my final logo as well as first round color, typography and secondary graphic options.

My logo needed some fine tuning as I entered the final round. The baseline needed to be corrected to be on a flat surface, as it got a slight curve to it during my final sketches. I also had to do corrections to the 'e' as it had grown in size as it was entered on the computer. The curve of the 'C' had to be modified slightly to fit more appropriate and attractive curves.

Here is my logo in black and white on a grid:

As I began to choose colors, I wanted to remind customers that the business was a community of three different cultures. I felt that it was most appropriate to represent foods from those countries in my colors. 

Here is a screenshot of my color choices and the reasoning behind them:

And finally, I chose my typefaces. I needed type that would be able to work on a multitude of applications in all sizes. I had already chosen Quincy for its nice curves and its ability to work at many different sizes.

To pair with it, I chose Brandon Grotesque, a sans serif that contrasted nicely with the curves of Quincy while still maintaining a fun personality.